Fourteen predictions for Brazil in 2014

See on – Business in Brazil The clue is in the title (no, this is not BuzzFeed). If I am right on most of this, I will use my bragging rights until you’re sick of me. If not, well, I can always say Brazil is difficult to pred…   DoBusinessBrazil‘s insight: Interesting predictions from Mauricio Savarese, read more »

World Cup 2014 Camping Rio

See on – Business in Brazil Camping has quickly become a viable alternative as Brazil’s hotels, pousadas, and hostels increase prices for the World Cup time frame. When using hostel booker, I tried several dates while the games will be held in Rio de Janeiro.   DoBusinessBrazil‘s insight: The World Cup 2014 is creating read more »

Moving to Brazil

See on – Business in Brazil 10 things to consider when planning a move to Brazil Climate Do you love the cold? You get cold winters in the very south of Brazil and you can easily go skiing in Argentina…Swimming in an ocean … See on

Notaries in Brazil

See on – Business in Brazil The important role of Notaries in Brazil The role of notaries in Brazil can seem strange if you are not familiar with the civil law system. In Brazil, notaries are a key part of doing business. See on ”When you are living in Brazil, you will certainly read more »

Will The Next Steve Jobs Come From Brazil?

See on – Business in Brazil Steve Jobs in 2008. Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs was definitively a genius.  Jobs would most likely not have turned into the legend that has inspired a generation if he had not spent so much time in California. Will The Next Steve Jobs Come From Brazil? See read more »

Brazil’s Ridiculous $80,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

See on – Business in Brazil Brazilians pay ridiculous prices for cars. ”The 2013 Jeep Grande Cherokee cost Brazilians a stellar R$179,000, or roughly $89,500. Import duties and other taxes make it so that the Brazilian buying a muscular Jeep Cherokee could have bought three of them if they were living in Miamilike their friends. read more »

For Some In Brazil, Things Falling Apart

See on – Business in Brazil Brazil’s real seen getting much weaker from herein. See on

Seven Common Mistakes When Forming A New Company

See on – Business in Brazil If you don’t take proper precautions, your startup may be dead on arrival. See on

A Marketing Plan for Brazil

See on – Business in Brazil An all arounder blog about Brazil, about everyday life in Sao Paulo, doing business in Brazil, cultural and culinary examples.   DoBusinessBrazil‘s insight: A fantastic School Project, a marketing Plan for fictional Brazil company, interesting reading for anyone wishing to set up a business in Brazil See on read more »

Bailout: Brazil

See on – Business in Brazil It was just early this year when The Economist wrote that the Brazilian government bail-out (of Eike Batista) looks unlikely, especially after the recent See on